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Rinald posted Dec 12, 15

Alterac Deviants is a long standing guild that has been around since Molten Core, originally from the realm Shattered Hand we have also been on Genjuros, then later transferred to Ravencrest to set up home and have been there since early 2008.

We're looking for skilled players that want to raid and clear all content when it's current, but at the same time have fun in a good raiding atmosphere. We make it a priority to have a strong social community within the guild.

Guild Accomplishments

Warlords of Draenor
T19 Archimonde: EU 167, World 301
T18 Blackhand: EU 192, World 368
T17 Imperator Mar'gok: EU 173, World 386

Mists of Pandaria
T16 Garrosh Hellscream: 44 EU English, 131 West
T15 Lei Shen: 27 EU English, 97 West
T14 Sha of Fear: 31 EU English, 129 West
T14 Grand Empress Shek'zeer: 31 EU English, 127 West
T14 Will of the Emperor: 39 EU English, 143 West

T13 Madness of Deathwing: 42 EU English, 137 World
T12 Ragnaros: 36 EU English, 123 World
T11 Nefarian: 51 EU English, 149 World

What to expect from us
- A long existing guild that is reliable and is worth putting time and effort into.
- An amazing social and raiding atmosphere.
- Cutting Edge progression every tier/expansion.

What we expect from YOU
- Can commit to a high attendance rate (90%+) and you are reliable.
- You have to be a teamplayer.
- You care about your character regarding optimizing everything such a gems, enchants, rotation etc.
- You have to be able to take criticism in a mature way.
- Be willing to progress and let the progression drive you.

Raiding Times
During progress we raid 4 days, Monday -> Thursday 20:00 to 00:00

Contact Information
Head over to apply or if you're interested in a talk with the Guild Master / Officers, their battle tags are below:

Rinald - Rinald#2486
Biff - Biff#2251

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